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A Most Scandalous Proposal (2013)

by Ashlyn Macnamara(Favorite Author)
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Ballantine Books
A Most Series
review 1: I really enjoy finding a new author!! But I love to find a new author that has an AWESOMELY ROCKING book. MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL is a great book. Ashlyn Macnamara wrote about great characters whether they were first or secondary characters. I loved unwrapping each new character. Sophia, Julia, Benedict, Lord Upperman, Rufus, Lady Wexford, William and Mr. and Mrs. St. Claire. I loved the two sisters Sophia and Julia. Both so different but they each wanted to be loved. Julia and Benedict grew up together and then THUMP THUMP the heart want what it wants. Sophia thought she loved William, but William never loved her only himself. Rufus unfaithful decreased wife die and he was injuries chasing her and the TON said he killed his wife. This book has unexpected announcements... more, compromising situations, hot steamy scenes, broken hearts, healed hearts, spiteful sister, scheming mom, dueling and people falling in love. I give this book 4 fingers up and 8 toes!!
review 2: Overall, I enjoyed this book, and for picking it up on a whim at the grocery store, I was pleasantly surprised. The potentially overdone theme of "ruined and now have to marry someone because you've been compromised at a ball" was given some weight and depth here, although I wish more attention had been paid to the pairing of Sophie and Highgate. Due to Sophie's almost child-like behavior, her pining for Lord McDouchenozzle for five years, I kept forgetting that she was supposed to be the older of the two sisters. And I also felt the inclusion of references to Sense & Sensibility both a bit too heavy-handed and too modern. We all love the book—I certainly do—but this is one place where I would've red-penned the reference out. I also feel like the descriptive copy—that Julia has 'foresworn' love, after watching her sister pine away for Lord McDouchenozzle—doesn't quite accurately capture what is going on here. And I think the author is much more clever than the back copy gives her credit, too; Julia has watched her sister pine, yes, but she has also watched her parents' unequal and, some might say, dysfunctional marriage, she watched her own governess (I believe) pine away for a man who did not return her love, and ultimately kill herself for it. She has the entire world, the entire social system around her, showing her that love is always, always an unequal thing, because men and women are deemed unequal. She has internalized this message, I think, and did so for her own protection. To marry anyone, even someone you might feel fondly for, is, for her, solidifying that inequality. That's quite a clever social commentary, I think. So although it took some time to build up, the friends-to-lovers storyline between Julia and Benedict was wonderful and worth waiting for. I really liked that. I liked that he is not only her friend, but he sees her as his equal, and knows that he needs to wait and be patient for her to learn how to grow a healthy love. And he sounds like a tornado in the sack so drinks all around!With the other couple, Sophie and Highgate, I liked them but wanted more! Ok, wait, scratch that—there were just a few passages inside of Highgate's mind where he really read like he was creepin' on her. Like, oo, her young lithe body, don't scare her off rawr. And while I don't generally mind that line of thinking, it felt a bit... I'm trying not to use the word creepy here... let's go with opportunistic. I actually really love the trope of "ruined at the ballroom oh no we must wed" especially with a slightly older man, and a potentially dangerous man. There's a power imbalance there, and when consensual, that can be hot as hell. I guess there wasn't anything deeply objectionable between these two, it would've been improved by more development. But I kind of read a lot of this genre so my standards might be a bit high. Overall, a really lovely book, with nicely-written characters and lots of thoughtful dialogue. If this is her first published work, sign me up for the next things she does, for sure! less
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This book was a fast read and very enjoyable. I hope to keep on with this series.
I liked this book, almost as though it was two stories in one. Easy to read.
I really enjoyed this book.
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