Summer Cookout

It is getting a little late to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day, but maybe that it just me being independent of social appropriateness by posting 3 days late.  I’m going with that.

We are right in the thick of the picnic and BBQ season.  This means that the smell of the neighbors’ grills are driving us mad with cravings for fire-roasted meat.  We have faced many health challenges lately, but I wasn’t about to let any of that ruin our holiday cookout.  Our wonderful friend and Giulia’s health coach, Rebecca, and her husband came over to eat with us July 4th.  Giulia is following the AIP and candida diet that Rebecca is practicing, with a few differences.  For the most part, however, what Rebecca can eat, Giulia can too. This didn’t stop us from eating a traditional 4th of July feast with all the fixings!

The main item on our menu was Junkyard Dogs, with toppings options including chili, sauerkraut, pickle relish, onions, peppers, cheese, and homemade mustard.  On the side, we served red, white and blue potato chips and red, white and blue fruit salad.  For dessert, we had ice cream, more fruit and cookie crumble.  According to Giulia and Rebecca, it was the best holiday food they had ever had because they were able to eat and not be afraid of the ingredients hurting them.  They were used to having to make compromises in their diets in order to fit their bodies’ needs, but tonight they could enjoy the carefully planned meal and feel like they had eaten “junk food”.

Here are pictures of the feast.  I will be listing each item out in another post in order to share the goodness with others.  Let Freedom from food sensitivities ring!

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