Sunday Shorts

I’ve recently found myself going through books at a rate of knots and as much as I’d love to review every book individually I just haven’t got the time. I am therefore planning on condensing some of my reviews and combining them into a new feature Sunday Shorts.

Today’s short reviews are for The Darkest Thread and All The Blue Eyed Angels, both of which are by Jen Blood.

The Darkest Thread (The Flint K-9 Search and Rescue Mysteries #1) by Jen Blood

I chose this book as part of my personal reading challenge. One of my categories was a book with an animal on the cover and this fit the bill perfectly.

This was the first book I’ve read by this author and was intrigued by the whole search and rescue aspect and the use of tracking dogs. Add to that some paranormal activity and you’ve got an unusual mix.

There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the book and it definitely keeps you hooked. As far as the whole paranormal aspect goes, I think it worked well, especially with the addition of the dogs.

My only criticism is that I felt like I was missing something by not having read the Erin Solomon books. At times there was dialogue relating to previous interactions between Jamie Flint and Jack Juarez that lost me a little.

All in all a good read and I would definitely read more in the series.

All the Blue-Eyed Angels (Erin Solomon Mystery, #1) by Jen Blood

 After reading The Darkest Thread I was intrigued as to how Jamie Flint and Jack Juarez first met so I had a look for other books by Jen Blood.

As it happened I already had the first book in the Erin Solomon series on my Kindle so it became my next read.

On the whole I enjoyed the book. The characters were well developed and interesting.  The writing was good and the main protagonist, Erin, was likeable for the most part.

I must admit that I found the love triangle aspect a little bit unnecessary but managed to put it to one side in favour of the mystery.  I found the twists and turns compelling although not without fault.

However, my main issue with this book was the ending. I was aware there were other books in the series, but nevertheless I expected this one to tie up the loose ends. Unfortunately it didn’t and left me with almost as many questions at the end as I had at the start.

It was a good, quick read overall and I will read the other books in the series with the hope that they don’t all end with such a huge cliffhanger.



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