The Combat Jack Show – JaQuavis Coleman


Date released: 2.28.17

Duration: 1hr 23min

Rating: 4.5/5

An-all time Combat Jack episode with New York Times best-selling author JaQuavis Coleman. If you’re a fan of rags to riches stories, you will thoroughly enjoy this emotional and pictorial conversation.

From the first seconds JaQuavis takes the mic, the great sentiment and power in his voice set the tone for the succeeding words, sentences and stories. At times during the first few minutes of the pod, you are left wondering whether he will make it through the interview as he gets choked up sharing his tough upringing in Flint, Michigan and his relationship with his mother, who sexually pleased men in the neighborhood to feed her drug addiciton.

JaQuavis also shares how he was introduced into the drug dealing industry after his mother, who was forced to hide because of surmounting debt, put money in his hands and sent him out a drug run.

When he meets his now wife and business partner Ashley Coleman, who kept him out of going to prison after he was involved in a police chase, he remembers how the two straddled hand in hand between a life of crime and their love for books and writing.

Truly authentic and moving.

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