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The Engagement (2012)

by Chloe Hooper(Favorite Author)
2.81 of 5 Votes: 2
1742536344 (ISBN13: 9781742536347)
review 1: This book drove me crazy. In the beginning it wasn't scary and I had to work hard not to give up on the book. The beginning was so boring and it took 100 pages before I finally felt that creepy feeling sinking in. The book is tense, not scary or bloody. Just this constant game going on between Alexander and Liese. I was constantly wondering if Alexander was a madman, crazy person who needed to be hospitalized. Nothing happened. The book was a good read, but the ending I didn't get. The story actually reached its point of no return, where it ends so suddenly. As a reader you haven't learned anything more about the mysteries letters? how crazy is Alexander? What are the real motives and why does he suddenly change his mind, when the whole story is about his disturb love? May... morebe I didn't catch the point. Anyhow I did enjoy the book, but I feel left with hundreds of questions.
review 2: 'The Engagement' for me was odd from beginning to end. I did find that the beginning was quite gripping but then it slowed down and became boring until it picked up in the final two chapters again. It follows Liese who thinks she is having a financially rewarding weekend where all she has to do is have sex with Alexander but he has other ideas and his behaviour gets more and more out of control and Liese's situation becomes more desperate. At times this book is very ambiguous and it is not always clear what is going on and at other times it is the most gripping book I have read but this does not last for long. It was a good read for its length, it certainly should not be any longer and I read it quickly but I would not recommend it to anyone. less
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En français le titre fiançailles paru en septembre 2013 chez Christian Bourgeois Éditeur
10 shades of grey but well written
Not the best I have read of hers.
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