The Diorama that Changed a Child

Jared is part of my Book Bears library group.  He is a great kid; he was in my preschool class years ago. I loved Jared (and still do).  No child has a bigger heart.  Teachers just have to see that.  Sheepy, his lovey, went with him everywhere.  Things have not been easy at school for Jared, especially last year.  When you’re a shy guy, you can get a little lost at school.  I am thrilled that he is now a ‘big guy’ and part of Book Bears.  This bat diorama is the pinnacle of his enthusiasm and confidence.  It’s a really good story!

Book Bears are reading The Year of Billy Miller, by Kevin Henkes.  This is one great book, and it’s the second time I’ve read it.  Tomorrow we meet and discuss the book.  I’m excited!

In part of the book, Billy and his classmates have to make a diorama.  It’s a big school project.  Billy decides to make a bat diorama, yet has difficulty making the bats look like they’re flying.  His father gives him advice on making the cave in the shoebox and making the bats fly.

Fast forward to Jared.  His Mom emailed me that Jared wanted to make his own bat diorama, just like Billy did in the book.  She asked if Jared could bring it to school and show me.  He did!  It was a labor of love:

I made such a fuss!  I made the bats fly, and I made Jared’s confidence swell.  If you think this is little, think again.  My words to Jared are:

“Yes, Jared, you made flying bats.  They are really cool.  I’m so glad you wanted to do this.  Nobody else in Book Bears has made anything.  This was a big deal for you, and I know that.  You not only wanted to show me, you asked if I could show it to the Book Bears tomorrow.  You bet I will, Jared.  I am so very proud of you!”


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