The Drowning Girls

Read: 03/03-03/07

There are many great tools out there when it comes to finding new books. One of the ones I like to use is Pinterest. There are multiple different “pins” out there to help recommend new books based on ones you’ve read before. That was how I came across this book.

The Drowning Girls by Paula Treick DeBoard follows the story of Liz McGinnis and her family. Her husband got a new job in a gated community called the Palms. This new job has given Liz, her husband Phil, and her daughter Danielle the opportunity to move into a new house within the Palms. Now Liz is thrown into this new world of the rich and spoiled. She wants to make it work for Phil and Danielle. At first, when their neighbor’s daughter Kelsey befriends Danielle Liz is happy to see her daughter fitting in. Then she becomes a fixture in their leading to strained relationships between Liz and Phil and Liz and Danielle. Secrets begin piling up in their house and the darker side of the Palms starts to show itself.

This book was pretty slow moving. It didn’t take me very long to read this book but I think that was more because I wanted to be done with the book and move onto the next. The plot did not move quickly and it didn’t have a lot of mysteries. Mainly I wanted to know what Kelsey’s endgame was. I think if it hadn’t been for Kelsey’s interesting character the book would not have kept my attention for so long.

I did not like Liz’s character as much as I should have. She made some silly mistakes throughout the book. However, the one character I could not stand was Phil. Even though Liz was not my favorite she deserved way better than Phil. If he had just been honest with her from the beginning their problems would not have been so bad. But instead he had to sneak around her back and lie to her. When in the history of ever does sneaking around fix problems in a marriage. Never Phil. That’s when.

I did like the dark side of the book. It dealt with some twisted things and I liked delving into that. If the characters had been a tad more likeable I think this book could have been really good. Unfortunately neither of the characters made it worth rooting for someone.

Rating: 6/10

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