The Favorite Daughter by Allen Say

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Children’s Lit

Medium: Hardcover

Synopsis: Yuriko’s classmates bullies her about her name.  So she decides to become someone different, someone with a “normal” name.  But her father helps her discover what’s important and beautiful about their culture.

Review: This title definitely gave me some funny looks as I returned it to the circulation desk.  But truly, the title is both misleading and totally telling at the exact same time!  When Yuriko struggles with her name and heritage, her father decides to go along with her requests and begins calling her by her preferred name.  But he also shows her what makes her so special.

Now, it must be noted that this is biographical and about Allen Say’s own daughter–and the book comes with a photograph of his daughter at the end!  This is a beautiful story about how difficult it can be for mixed-race children who look more American than not.  Allen Say’s illustrations are beautiful, his narratives are beautiful, and this book is all around a wonderful story, a true story, that lends a helping hand to all of those who feel left out or hurt.

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