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From Notting Hill To New York... Actually (2012)

by Ali McNamara(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
075154745X (ISBN13: 9780751547450)
review 1: Got this book from the library and didn't realise from the blurb that it was a sequel. I thought it was a great chick lit book. Again set in one of my fav cities ( and I will visit one day........I hope) the characters were easy to fall in love with and thanks to the continual pace of the book. I couldn't put it down. Have already downloaded the first one. As I'm desperate to find how the love story started :)
review 2: Oh dear me, this was dreadful. A wafer thin plot, trying desperately to recapture the zest of the prequel, but not quite managing it. Part of the problem for me was that I worked out the 'big twist' very early on (it wasn't difficult, believe me), and as the tension relied on that twist, the rest of story was sadly lacking in any sort of dram
... moreatic tension or frankly interest for me. The main character, Scarlet was hard to like and I wasn't convinced about her relationship with Sean at all, they were too different. And don't get me started on the coincidences that much of this story relied on - no matter where she went in New York City, she would always 'coincidentally' run into the same three people over and over again. Won't bother with any more from this author. less
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This was a cute, quick read and the NYC movie references are fun. It was a little cheesy though.
Loved this! I'm really hoping there will be another book about Scarlett and Sean :)
Funny, sad, compelling. Recommend if you fancy a feel good.
I think it could've been better.
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