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This Gorgeous Game (2010)

by Donna Freitas(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0374314721 (ISBN13: 9780374314729)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
review 1: When Olivia, a straight-laced high school student, receives a free scholarship to a big-shot priest's writing seminar, she is overjoyed. Her professor, Father Mark, is very enthusiastic about Olivia's work, further thrilling the young girl. Soon, however, Father Mark begins constantly demanding attention from Olivia. This is a very suspenseful and important book that tackles a difficult situation in a very realistic way from the perspective of a naïve and hopeful young woman.
review 2: This book was was okay. i liked how Father Mark knew exactly how to get in her head, and how everyone around her was so infatuated with him. the thing i didnt like was, to be honest, what Father Mark did really wasnt that bad. he never tried to touch her or rape her or kill her
... moreor anything like that. All he did was write her a whole bunch of letters. I understand it scared her but did she really need to cry over it? It wasnt that big of a deal. He wrote a story about you? show your mom then throw it away. argument done. or maybe she should've i dont know told him to leave her alone or she would tell someone? all he really did was annoy her. dry your tears and go home. didnt her friends think it was weird that she was spending ALL her time alone in his office? come on guys lets be smart here. this book would've been sooo much better if he threw her off a bridge or something. sorry, but its true. less
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This was a good book although slightly disturbing. I was glad it ended the way it did.
Another book for girls struggling to find themselves and their sexuality.
I don't know what I think about this book.
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