The Hides (Timmy Quinn #2) by Kealan Patrick Burke

Man I love this series. The Hides takes place seven years after The Turtle Boy and the plot twist at the end of The Turtle Boy is not addressed, but instead you are thrown into Timmy’s life after realizing that he can speak to the dead.  

He eventually moves to Ireland with his father to his grandmother’s house where his abilities are used to solve murder cases in his father’s old town, revealing secrets not only about his own dark family history, but the town’s as well. 

What I love about Timmy (and most of the other characters) is that no one is a Gary Stu; Timmy hasn’t been able to adjust to his ability and new-found fame and struggles emotionally with everything this brings. The reason that these mysteries get solved are simply because of Timmy’s ability and not through any overarching skills that he brings to the table. Hes’s simply the outlet that allows for these stories to be revealed.

Something else interesting about this series is how the different genres are present in each book, but a different one dominants each time. In The Turtle Boy, it was tragic horror. In The Hides, it’s mystery. I guess this allows for the story to be explored in several different aspects, but unfortunately, fell flat for me in this novel. I did enjoy it and it is by no means my least favourite book in the series, but compared to how much I loved The Turtle Boy, I wish I had a same love for this novel. That being said, The Turtle Boy has a very special place in my heart and it will be a hard one to live upto. 
















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