The Hollow

Read: 12/16-12/20

I love when friends recommend books to me or give me books as gifts to read. They usually find books that I might skip over on the shelf or that I might miss when I am browsing a bookstore. So when I receive a book from someone it is exciting. First, because it is a new book and second because that means they thought of me when they saw this book. One of my best friends (the same friend that I have repeatedly mentioned on this blog) gave me this book as a Christmas gift.

The Hollow by Jessica Verday follows a young girl named Abbey who’s best friend just died. Abbey lives in Sleepy Hollow and her best friend Kristen and her used to hang out in the cemetery and the river by the cemetery. Then one day Kristen slips and falls into the river and is never seen again. Abbey refuses to believe that she is really gone. She doesn’t believe that her friend would fall into the river. While spending more time there trying to wrap her mind around her friends mysterious death she meets Caspian. A gorgeous and mysterious boy who seems to always be there when Abbey needs him. But Caspian has his secrets and as Abbey tries to figure out her life without Kristen she learns a secret that will change everything.

This is a book that I probably would have skipped over in the bookstore but I am glad I got recommended it because it ended up being a fun read. The plot was a little slow up until the very end. Once the big secret was revealed then it got a little more interesting and I do want to read the rest of the series because it was an interesting twist. I am hoping that now that the big reveal happened the rest of the story will move along faster. There were a few other plot points that were a little confusing. The reveal was slightly predictable but given the setting I think it would hard to make completely unpredictable.

Speaking of the setting I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. Sleepy Hollow is the perfect setting for a creepy mystery and I think the author pulled it off pretty well. As far as the characters I really only liked the main character. She would make perfumes in her spare time and I enjoyed that character trait because it would be cool reading the scenes where she made different perfumes. I didn’t really like Caspian though. He was supposed to be the mysterious handsome boy but he just seemed like a goth high schooler to me. But to each their own. There are probably girls out there that drool over the Caspians of the world. The rest of Abbey’s peers are a little stereotypical. I think the bullying aspect was taken a little too far. When someone dies I don’t think people would be as mean as some of the characters were in this book.

While there were parts of the book I didn’t like there were parts of the book that I did enjoy. It was one of those books that was neither outstandingly amazing nor horrible. I will most likely be finishing the series at some point but it is not on the top of my list yet. I think I will wait until the last book to decided if I want to recommend it or not.

Rating: 7/10

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