The Romeo Catchers RELEASE PARTY!

Hey readers! Tonight was the night! The Romeo Catchers, sequel to The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden, was released. That’s right! It’s here! I happen to live an hour away from this beautiful city so there was no way I was missing a chance to visit La Nouvelle-Orléans to celebrate.


I had the best time tonight and it was so great getting to see all these places from the book right before my eyes. More than anything the best moment had to be meeting and hugging Alys Arden because she is absolutely amazing! Her talent is extraordinary, her kindness infectious, and meeting her to fangirl over her and this book was a dream.

I am so happy for everyone who got to attend tonight and so happy for Alys releasing this book! I cannot wait to start (which will be tonight), and share my thoughts with everyone .

If you haven’t read The Casquette Girls yet, um, hello?! What are you doing?! Read it now! You won’t regret it! In fact to give you that extra nudge, check out my review HERE!

Thank you Alys for these books and for the wonderful party tonight! It was a blast! ❤


Check out some pics from tonights events BELOW!!

Ursuline Convent Outside the Ursuline Convent Dad and I outside the Ursuline Convent Outside the Ursuline Convent Mysterious 5 Shutters at the Ursuline Convent Inside the Beauregard Keyes House Meeting/Hugging Alys Arden!! Alys & I! Courtyard of the Beauregard Keyes House Courtyard of the Beauregard Keyes House Share this:
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