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Evel Knievel Days (2012)

by Pauls Toutonghi(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
030738215X (ISBN13: 9780307382153)
review 1: I went into this book not knowing a single thing about it. It turns out it is partly set in Butte, Montana (the main character, Khosi, lives near the Berkeley Pit) -- what a great surprise! Khosi has an Egyptian father and partway through the book he sets out to find his father. In addition to great human characters, both Montana and Egypt become important characters as Khosi navigates his multicultural identity. Throw in some history and a touch of magical realism and you have a book that I couldn't put down.
review 2: Like the meals his mother cooks, khosi's story of his life is an odd mix of his obsessive compulsive insular life in small town Butte, 'Montana, which he leaves impulsively for Cairo, Egypt, to search for and confront his Egyptian father who des
... moreerted him and his mom years go...culture clash, family clash, old life vs new, it all mixes in an exotic pot flavored with khosi's wry and sly asides......full of well depicted colorful characters, esoteric bits of history, beautifully created settings and events you can see, hear and smell...very different story, well told, fascinating, only lacking a little bit of resolution at the end less
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Kind of snuck up on me there at the end--a crescendo that served to elevate the entire story.
Great characters & great story.
fun read
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