The Scattering

  • AUTHOR: Kimberly McCreight
  • PUBLISHED: May 2, 2017
  • PUBLISHED BY: Harper Collins
  • GENRE: Young Adult Fiction
  • PAGES: 222 (ebook)
  • RATING:★★★★★

“And I wonder if I really can make it all the way to that small light on the dock in the distance. It seems so impossibly far away, the water so frighteningly still like it’s just waiting for someone fool enough to try.”

The second book of The Outliers trilogy follows the events after the incident at the camp in Maine. Ever since they returned home, Wylie and Jasper are dealing with their guilt over what happened to Cassie. In addition, Wylie is also trying to understand and learn more about her abilities as an Outlier. Jasper on the other hand is dealing with his emotions negatively. New and old threats resurface, new secrets emerge and Cassie must decide if she’s willing to help strangers who are just like her.

Okay guys, I’ve read the first book a year ago and recently obtained this one last month. Trizia is not a fan of this genre so it’s just me who read this and despite some negative reviews from the first book (which I actually liked), I have to say that this one was way better than the first and it actually covered some of the holes that were questionable in The Outliers. To refresh your memory on the Outliers, it all started with a text from Cassie saying” “I need your help” and being the best friend, Wylie decided to help save Cassie working along with Jasper, Cassie’s boyfriend and all the while Wylie and Jasper’s only lead was Cassie’s cryptic message.

The sense of danger never left Wylie and it is greater than before as now she knows what she is. Due to Jasper’s guilt, he leaves home thus Wylie searches for him (don’t worry it does not revolve around finding Jasper) and in doing so, got captured and placed in a hospital with other girls who were just like her.

This book was honestly good, it got me hooked from start to finish, I brought this at work and during my break time, my whole focus was on this one (it’s a good thing that I still remembered to eat my lunch). It was fast paced, it was intense, it had so many secrets that I wanted to uncover fast. I really love the part wherein there were more Outliers despite the situation they were in and I loved that there were more to discover as she got out of the hospital and encountered old and new characters. All I can think of while reading was” What happened?, What is happening? and most importantly, by the end of the book which I was really looking forward to was How is it possible? OMG! OMG! OMG! I have no words for the ending, another cliffhanger that will be answered in a years time. Why did you do this Kimberly? I am itching to get my hands on the last book, I would be happy to receive and make a review on the last installment as long as you give me an ARC! HAHA! This book is definitely a good read and I can’t wait for next year.

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