The Storyteller

As most of you know my creative tank has been quite dry lately so coming up with blog posts is becoming more and more difficult. That being said, this post is about a book I read months ago but never did a book review on!

Honestly, I’m really surprised I never did a review on this book. This is one of my favorite books, and I never told you lovely people about it! Now, let me warn you all, I LOVE this book. So, this blog post may end up being me ranting about how fantastic this book is and how you MUST read it. You have been warned.

Your face when you realize how much I love this book. Summary:

Sage Singer is like any other attendee of a grief support group, broken, discouraged, and hopeless. That is, until she meets Josef Weber. She befriends the old man at the bakery where she works, and finds someone who understands her. Then he asks an enormous favor of her; Josef wants Sage to kill him. Horrified by his request, Sage is faced with the question of whether this would be justice or murder.

Not only that, the old man divulges secrets from his past to Sage that put her in a very difficult position. Is there any possible way for a man who has done so much evil to be forgiven? Even if there is, can she find it within herself to fulfill Josef’s request?


This is a five star book, easily. Jodi Picoult is an incredible storyteller (haha see what I did there?