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Wick (2012)

by Michael Bunker(Favorite Author)
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Refugio Publishing
review 1: This is an ambitious book. It, and the whole Wick project is a fascinating artifact. It is also decent science fiction. Not great science fiction but decent. Many of the ideas are fantastic. This book could only be self-published, and not just because of the sometimes clunky and amateurish writing. The author is clearly going for a Tolstoyan style. He often misses, but occasionally he hits it quite well. What is most impressive about this series of books is that he just went for it. This is the only one of the four books that includes passages that are actually embarassing. He improves as he goes on. The author improves because he has the courage to try it. This book follows a man as he reacts to Hurricane Sandy by walking out of New York City. Natural and unnatu... moreral disasters continue, and society falls apart as he continues on his walk. This is a great idea, though one that is unevenly executed. The author spends a lot of time telling rather than showing. Nonetheless I liked it. I can respect ambition.
review 2: Obviously this didn't end. This is the first of a series. The problem with writing with an eye on the series, rather than clearly ending the book as if it were the only one is that one cannot read it as a one-off in an effective manner. I have no intention of reading Wick 2 at this time. I have 500 books to read. #2 is not one of them at this time. In any case, while the book was well written, and I have felt this could and would be true since the advent of the Cold War, if not before then, I can't give it 5 stars because of the way it ended. I caught several editing mistakes, as well. Michael would be well advised to have yet am additional set of eyes check out all of his books. Good reading, however, if you are a conspiracy theorist, a survivalist and want just something REALLY good to read. less
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Interesting premise. I enjoyed it.
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