The Worst Photo Shoot

Awhile back I was going through some old photos on my computer, just to see if I had missed any of Luna that I wanted to edit. I came across her photo shoot for her 3-month photos, and whew. That shoot was the worst photo shoot I’ve ever had, I think. I managed to walk away with a few good ones of Luna and Max separately, but none of them together. By the time I tried to just get a few last minute shots of the two of them together just to have, Luna was getting tired, Max was going bonkers, and I wasn’t getting anything from the two of them. Then Rusty wanted a few quick shots of him with Max and Luna, and it just got even worse. The photos are terrible, Luna’s facial expressions are amazing, and they just make me laugh looking at them now. It’s so much harder to take photos of your own kids than it is of other people’s kids. Anyway, I had to share, and They’re funny, and they’re real (and real unedited, so try not to be too impressed). I’m not joking when I say I didn’t get a single decent shot of the two of them that day. Enjoy the downhill progression. Haha.

And before all of that, we did get this little gem of Luna smiling.

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