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Primal Bonds (2011)

by Jennifer Ashley(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
0425240789 (ISBN13: 9780425240786)
Berkley Sensation
Shifters Unbound
review 1: This could have been great, but it fell short for me personally. The pros:* I love the creative concept of this world created. "Shiftertown" as a series has so much potentialThe cons:* It just felt like something was missing between the hero and heroine. They felt unrealistic to me, and one dimensional. * Insta-love - this is always a buzz kill to me* The hero constantly referring to the heroine as "love". It was overly repetitious* There were so many attempts for Andrea and Sean to be whitty, and to throw some humor or cute banter in, but it didn’t work for me. They just seemed lame.* A book virgin .......... Sigh * I had a hard time sticking with this book - I almost discontinued reading it a couple of times because nothing seemed to happen. Lots of long dul... morel spells.* WAYYYYYY overpriced. It's currently listed at $7.59 and was nowhere worth that price.Overall, this one was not for me. I do still like the idea of a town of shifters, so I may give other books in this series a try later on.
review 2: I really am enjoying the Shifters Unbound series. So many aspects of the world are so different than other shifter worlds I've read about - it makes it stick out when so many others tend to blend together. Sean was a great character - I love the combination of his strength as a Guardian with his sensitivity for those around him. Andrea was interesting as well, with her half Lupine, half Fae background. It was really nice to see the other side of the Guardian, who in the first book was only seen as a loner, somewhat depressed-seeming. I also enjoyed the battles and the reasoning behind them. So often it seems that authors have a vague idea that there needs to be some sort of upset, but no good reason for it to happen.I will definitely be continuing this series, with Wild Cat. less
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This book took me over a week to read because I kept putting it down. It was aaalmost a DNF. HEA
It was better the second time around. What a great book. Love this series!!
page turner ... tho ... wish they would pick different animals.
the story is good with unexpected twists and turns :)
I'm loving this series.
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