Thursday Movie Picks: 2018 Movies You’re Looking Forward To

The end is near with 2017 Thursday Movie Picks but have no fear, I will continue on in 2018 – there’s no doubt in that! There’s still one post left in the Television Edition next week, but this post marks the end for movie picks, so I thought I’d pick five instead of three to make it extra special. By the way, I’ve left out ALL the superhero movies because frankly, there are so many and I already know I’m going to watch them so, what’s the point in sharing them.

1. A QUIET PLACE (April 6th)

The trailer and the premise of this movie is really interesting, and I do adore both Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, so I have high hopes for A Quiet Place. You guys know that I’m not a big fan of horror but I do watch one or two a year, and usually I end up liking them because I try to go for the best ones. Crossing my fingers I’ll end up liking A Quiet Place as well.

2. OCEAN’S 8 (June 8th)

Another one of those all female cast “remakes” with this one exploring a narrative after the Ocean’s 13 I presume. Sandra Bullock plays Danny Ocean’s sister, and Cate Blanchett portrays her Brad Pitt counterpart. I’m not overly optimistic about this one because well, these things never work out, but here’s hoping Ocean’s 8 proves me wrong.

3. LOVE, SIMON (March 16th)

Based on a very popular YA novel (I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I’ll reread it before the movie comes out), this movie will be a very important step forward. We don’t get many teen movies with gay characters, and we definitely don’t see them in the leading role, but that’s exactly what Love, Simon is going to do! Plus, it has Nick Robinson and I’ve adored that actor ever since The Kings of Summer!

4. SICARIO 2: SOLDADD (June 29th)

I really liked Sicario and I have high hopes for its follow up revolving entirely around Benicio Del Toro’s character. The trailer looks promising as well and here’s hoping it doesn’t fall into the trap of sequels, because that would be a tragedy for such a movie like Sicario.


It doesn’t have a concrete release date yet but it’s definitely going to be a 2018 movie, hopefully late Summer early September. Based on one of my all time favourite YA novels, I have very high expectations for this one but I’m also leaving room for error. I know that adaptations can go both ways, either very wrong, or very right, so I’m trying to be prepared for both.


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