Touch – Courtney Maum

This was the first book in ages that I loved so much I stayed up late reading it because I had to finish it. I really was not expecting to become so captivated. First read of the synopsis makes Touch sound like a fluffy contemporary. We have our female protagonist, Sloane, who works as a trendsetter, has an integral famous boyfriend who you immediately suspect is a bit of a dick. What you actually get us so much more.


This is the kind of novel that leaves the reader much to contemplate long after they have finished reading the pages. Richard Flanagan in The Narrow Road to the Deep North states “A good book leaves you wanting to reread the book. A great book compels you to reread your own soul”. The perfect quote to describe this read. Touch deals with the increasing prominence of technology in our lives and the effect it has on intimacy and relationships. Are we destined to sail solo off into the future run by technology eliminating any need to human contact? This novel made me realise the importance of switching off and revelling in human contact, even the simple pleasure of a hug, a touch.


The characters in this novel are great. Sloane is a fun protagonist and you quickly fall for the side characters. The writing is immersive. The pacing is spot on, I hit a point of no return early on a read the bulk of this book in one sitting and in fact finished it in one day. I highly recommend picking this novel up ASAP. A touching satire in today’s society. Oh, and go out, leave your phone at home and giving someone a hug. Particular someone who lives alone, who misses the simple act of human touch. I give Touch five stars. Please read.


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