Tuneful Tuesdays

Full confession, I was woefully neglectful of last year’s music output. I seriously went the whole year without hearing “Despacito.” When the Grammy nominations were announced, I recognized only two (Alessia Cara and Khalid) of the five nominees for New Artist. Of the songs nominated, I recognized most of the performers but, like in the case of “Despacito”, I’ve heard little. This year I’m going to try to do better. This year I’m going to actively keep up with new music.

Storytime: When I was in my 20’s, back when record stores were a thing, I’d visit my local record store, Harmony House in Hazel Park, every Tuesday.

Tuesday was traditional new release day. I’d hunt through the new release wall looking for new ear pleasure. Then, and still now, I’d listen to almost anything so I had a very eclectic CD collection. 

I miss the days where you’d walk into a record store and be able to talk to someone about music and get recommendations. I haven’t bought a CD in years. I don’t even own a CD player. I stream everything, like I tell the poor guys that hawk their CD’s near Wayne State. Right now I’m listening to Amazon Music while I write this. Streaming is the new thing and new music no longer come out on Tuesday. It all hits on Friday. 

No matter because I’m going old school and channeling the days of CD’s and cassette tapes (God I’m old). Each Tuesday I’m going to post the music that I’ve been listening to during the week.

First up, “Mystery Of Love” by Sufjan Stevens from the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song about love and the loss of love.

I’ve been a fan of Sufjan Stevens for a while now. This is one of his best. The instrumentation is lovely and the lyrics are heartbreaking.

How much sorrow can I take?
Blackbird on my shoulder
And what difference does it make
When this love is over?
Shall I sleep within your bed
River of unhappiness
Hold your hands upon my head
Till I breathe my last breath

Next is the power ballad “Anything’s Possible” performed by Lea Michele and found on Places. It’s one of those songs where I heard a snippet of it in a commercial and didn’t think to Shazam it so I Googled the lyrics.

I’m a sucker for an uplifting power ballad. This song kills. It’s one of those songs that I connect with because I found it at a certain point in time. I’m feeling a little defeated so the lyrics resonated.
I push to the limits, I climb every wall
I keep on believing anything’s possible
I run ’til I’m breathless, I stand ten feet tall
I keep on believing anything’s possible

Lastly, I’m also a sucker for an inspiring cover song. Nana and I went to see Pitch Perfect 3 and there’s a cover of George Michael’s “Freedom! 90” that I have not been able to get out of my head.

What are you listening to? I’m always on the hunt for new music. Drop me a suggestion at [email protected]

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