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Meet Me In Malmo (2010)

by Torquil MacLeod(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 1
0709091664 (ISBN13: 9780709091660)
Robert Hale
Inspector Anita Sundstrom
review 1: This is the authors first book starring Anita Sundstrom, Inspector. Its a Scandinavian detective story. I was quite disappointed in it as the characters were two dimensional but I had the feeling that they were about to jump into full bloom. It didn't happen. The ending, while not a surprise was not expected as the author didn't tell the reader everything. I was pretty disappointed in the book.
review 2: When I started reading this book I felt quite ambivalent towards it, but about a third of the way in I started to really enjoy it. It is a good length for a crime story, doesn't drag and paints Malmo in an appealing light- I really fancy going to visit the city now. I enjoy the Scandi crime genre but sometimes it can be a bit too dark for me, and this was
... more very much on the lighter side (obviously there was a murder involved, so it's not that light!). Towards the end of the book I was edging towards giving four stars. The final twist however, was absurd. The eventual killer was an entirely plausible one, but I felt like the author had changed his mind on the final page and/or couldn't decide how to finish the story, which was a shame. less
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Really enjoyed it and now want to visit Malmo
bit silly
not bad
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