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Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, And The Lawless Years Of Prohibition (2011)

by Karen Blumenthal(Favorite Author)
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159643449X (ISBN13: 9781596434493)
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review 1: I really enjoyed this book on the era of prohibition. It is always amazing how history repeats itself in so many ways. I really enjoyed the sections on Al Capone. Any teacher looking to get students more engaged with USA history will find that this book is extremely well done. The prohibition era is covered here almost like a fictional narrative. I loved the pictures and captions were very insightful. Those who love history will love this book and casual readers will find some fascinating things here as well.
review 2: When, I read the summary and title of this book, I thought this was going to focus on the criminals during prohibition. While the book does mention the big criminals of prohibition, such as Al Capone, it mainly focuses on the history of prohibit
... moreion and how the 18th amendment came to be and was finally repealed by the 21st amendment. I found the parts about the criminals to be interesting, but the actual history and politics was not as interesting. The title and the summary were deceiving. I do think that this book could be used in an United States history class. It does explain in depth the causes for the the 18th amendment which prohibited alcohol and what led up to the amendment eventually being repealed. It also touches on the criminals of the the prohibition era, which were a big part of why the amendment was eventually repealed. This book could also be used to introduce the key players in the prohibition movement; students could then complete research projects on these players. The book did spark my interest in learning more about Al Capone. less
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Everything you ever would want to know about prohibition and bootleggin'.
Mention of Westerville, OH printing presses on p. 48 ;)
Notable Children's Book, 2013 ALA
it was good
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