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Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1: The Hypothetical Gentleman (2013)

by Andy Diggle(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
1613775792 (ISBN13: 9781613775790)
IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Series 3
review 1: Two Doctor Who stories appear here that you won't see on the show! The first tale centers around a strange alien stealing time at the Crystal Palace. The other dealing with the Doctor and Rory Williams having a guys' night out (heavily inflicted on them by Amy). A bit more of the Silence plot is talked about in this shorter story too. Hopefully more about the Silence is revealed too in later volumes.
review 2: This features two complete stories -- The Hypothetical Man and The Doctor and The Nurse. The Doctor and the Nurse I had already read, since i had both both volume as they were issued.The Hypothetical Man was a relatively good little story: it had an interesting villain, which almost made up for the tired "psychic cheat" trope that gets trotted out for the
... more guest character. Most significantly, the Hypothetical Man of the title escapes and is set up for a return in later issues. less
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One of the better volumes of the Matt Smith series of Who comic books.
fun stories, and both styles of art work well.
Brief story. I suspect it's just an arc opener
Love it!!!!!!!!!
read 12/7/13
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