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Élvezd A Vaníliát (2013)

by C.J. Ellisson(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
Walk on the Wild Side
review 1: I truly enjoyed Heather and Tony little merger.... Being who she really was inside after a moment of thinking outside the box not only brought Heather a new job but love in the real form. I guess Tony proved men can be persuaded given the right paddle boost. It not only had him aroused but brought him from a stressful environment. He was a great man and enjoyed a little power exchange.This was a nice read but I wanted Brian to get fired SO bad. LOL, the jerk.
review 2: About halfway through the sequel to this book I found myself thinking "This is what 50SoG should have been."In this seat we have Heather. A shy, relatively inexperienced young woman who is afraid of her own sexuality. Her good friend, Carla, teases her about her lack of a love life, commiserates
... moreover her realy horrid past relationships, and convinces her to try a speed dating event in hopes of meeting the right man for her.In the other seat we have Tony, an occasionally insensitive (and unbelievable rich) playboy who has never really cared about any of the many, many women he has dated. His friend, Marcus, talks him into going to a speed dating thing mainly so Marcus won't be there alone.With Carla's encouragement, Heather decides this is her chance to 'try on a new skin' the result is a shock to both of them when Tony sits down at her table. Taking firm control of herself and him, Heather blows both of their minds and they both walk away from the speed dating desperate for me.Sexting, surprise encounters, outrageous gift giving, and some really hot, mildly kinky sex follow. As Heather explores her inner sex kitten and tries to figure out who she really is, Tony waking up to the fact that his high-powered, high-paying job isn't the end-all, be-all. And then their professional lives intersect and they end up a crash course...Mild F/m style kink with occasional hints of M/f, sexy goodness, hot strawberry scene, well developed characters who make mistakes but are trying to do right by each other, and a hell of a lot of fun. less
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I didn't like this style of writing and I thought the story line was rather boring.
Well wasn't this the unexpected spicy little read? 3 3/4 stars. Onward to book two!
The change inTony was by far greater than Heather. It was a nice quick read
did not finish
sooooo good
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