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Love's Reckoning (2012)

by Laura Frantz(Favorite Author)
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0800720415 (ISBN13: 9780800720414)
Revell Books
The Ballantyne Legacy
review 1: I found this very engaging. The story plot held true to the end; delivering the climax not a moment too soon. Although, I knew that Eden and Silas would end up together, I still craved to see it in writing. The suspense of their situation was unnerving and saddened me, but of course a happy ending was delivered. I will seek out the other books in the series and am excited to see what the author does with the Ballentyne legacy.
review 2: Eden Lee is the hardworking, God-fearing younger daughter of a sometimes violent master blacksmith and his unhappy wife. Previous blacksmith apprentices have run away before completing their apprenticeship. Scottish immigrant, Silas Ballentyne arrives to complete an apprenticeship before heading west. Silas is not aware of
... more the custom that he marry the master’s daughter upon completion of his apprenticeship. Custom would also dictate that the older daughter be married first. Which daughter will Silas be interested in or does he wish to marry at all?Eden has been secretly planning to go to Philadelphia to work in a foundling hospital. The older daughter, Elspeth, flirts with all of the young men and wants to be married.This book begins in York County, Pennsylvania in 1785. I enjoy reading about this historical period. Laura Frantz has become one of my favorite authors. I recommend this delightful book to anyone who likes historical fiction! less
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It's a good book but it's so sad.
This is a keeper! So sweet!
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