World Mental Health Day 2017: Mental Health and Me

World Mental Health Day 2017: Mental Health and Me ||

Today is World Mental Health Day.

I was commissioned to write a piece for it but unfortunately was unable to due to struggling with my own mental health issues throughout last week.

I’m not sure if this is actually ironic or Alanis Morisette kind of ironic.

Despite being thwarted in producing a new contribution to this important awareness day, I wanted to proffer something.  As all writers know, a round up is always a useful fallback when there’s no time or inspiration for anything else. That is what I’ve turned to: my previous work about mental health collected together with helpful clickable links.

A year ago, maybe even six months, I’d have felt like a failure for doing this so my willingness to accept that this is where I am perhaps to speak to some kind of improvement.  I hope so.


On my blog

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‘Braving The Wilderness by Brené Brown: A Must Read for Enquiring Minds’,, 22nd September 2017.

‘Is letting go of perfection the secret to happiness?’,, 10th August 2017.

‘How to integrate self-care into every day’,, 22nd July 2017.

Understanding Hoarding as a Mental Health Disorder,, 13th June 2017

‘Managing mental health: small things make all the difference’,, 19th May 2017.

‘Wise Words #15: from Caroline Knapp to Gretchen Rubin’,, 15th February 2017.

‘Wise Words #12: from Sally Brampton to Oliver Burkeman’,, 18thJanuary 2017.

‘When the Therapist You Choose is not Right for You’,, 3rdNovember 2016.

‘My 3 Therapy Sessions Changed Everything’,, 15th September 2016.


For Mental Health Today

‘It is not wrong to cry, it is human’, Mental Health Today, 18th September 2017.

‘We can rationalise but social media still makes us dissatisfied with our lives’, Mental Health Today, 11th September 2017.

‘And breathe….’, Mental Health Today, 17th August 2017.

‘Greater openness doesn’t mean that you always have to share’, Mental Health Today, 24th July 2017.

Borderline personality disorder is part of me but not all consuming, Mental Health Today, 26th June 2017

When I’m having a bad day, everything feels overwhelming, Mental Health Today, 14th June 2017

‘How do we maintain emotional stability in the face of tragedy?’, Mental Health Today, 24th May 2017.

‘I’ve given myself permission to thrive not just survive’, Mental Health Today, 8th May 2017.

‘Who are today’s mental health heroes?’, Mental Health Today, 26th April 2017.

‘Working around it: Finding time for mental health therapies when you have a job’, Mental Health Today, 6th January 2017.

‘I’m not Cinderella: Realising that mental health problems continue in the new year’, Mental Health Today, 16th December 2016.

‘Can wanting to bin our pills be a sign of improved mental health?’, Mental Health Today, 28th November 2016.

‘Mental Health: A Waiting Game’, Mental Health Today, 12th October 2016.



‘Last month I tried to kill myself’, in Sas Petherick ed., Voices Rising: A Collection of Essays, Poetry, Art and Prayers To Inspire Your Voice, 8th March 2017, pp. 81-83.


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