YA Love Tropes I’m so over

Number 1: Love at first sight

This one probably annoys me the most, because IT IS JUST THE LEAST POSSIBLE OF ALL OF THEM. I hate it, it’s so obnoxious. Please don’t fall in love “at first sight” because that’s NOT how things work. You have to get to know the person, not just think they’re beautiful and think you’re in “love” with them.

Number 2: Best Friends Falling in Love

What? Guys and girls can’t be friends without falling in love? Really? It’s so annoying, I mean it can happen but overall it just annoys the crap out of me. That’s why Simon+Clary is NOT a ship for me, and Nic+Cleo never was either.

Number 3: Love Triangles

If a love triangle is done properly (like the one in Infernal Devices! That one I actually LIKE) then it is fine, but they are so overused because their is one in 75% of YA fiction and it’s getting a little too much!


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