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The Watchman's Rattle: A New Way To Understand Complexity, Collapse, And Correction (2010)

by Rebecca Costa(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
1593156057 (ISBN13: 9781593156053)
Vanguard Press
review 1: Suggested by Sally Melville when I went to hear her speak about creativity/creative process. This book is a mix of anthropology, psychology, and name dropping. Maya, Khmer, culture collapse, how to make more drinking water and why Oprah Winfrey can't lose weight all in one. Ms. Costa makes sure to drop important names from her resume, always important to keep your club membership up to date. Her breezy tone can be downright windy, lots of geography, history, and culture and the first time I've seen extinction blamed on problems just getting too big. Reminded me a little bit of Doris Lessing's writings on civil defense, some people will survive, how to be one of them.
review 2: While the writing is rather dry and academic, Costa’s ideas, particularly the relat
... moreionship of facts to beliefs, how elementary processes control our brains which evolve more slowly than current technology and how that impacts numerous socioeconomic and biological issues, are interesting. Of particular note is the chapter on extreme economics. Her propositions are not new nor unique, yet they confirm the difficulties of humans being able to solve long-range problems. less
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still on my human evolution kick, this book was the best of the bunch
It's a MUST book to read, just to understand where we are standing.
Useful, if somewhat stretched, perspective. Worthwhile read.
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