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Hank Has A Dream (2014)

by Rebecca Dudley(Favorite Author)
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Peter Pauper Press
review 1: Hank is a little brown bear and his best friend is a little humming bird. Hank begins his day by telling his friend about a dream he had. In this dream he flew. In his dream he flew high above the clouds. Young readers will enjoy following along as Hank set out on his adventure.Young readers will enjoy this delightful tale of friendship. Simple sentences are great for first time readers. The illustrations are dioramas that have realistic looking leaves, trees, clouds and more. The fantastic photography will have parents and children picking up this friendship filled story every night before bedtime.About the author:Rebecca Dudley is a builder, creator, photographer, and artist. She makes everything that appears in her diorama illustrations – the trees, leaves, ponds, sk... moreies, and the creatures themselves. She has a small architectural practice, and lives in Evanston, Illinois, with her husband John, dog Josephine, and her many magical Storywoods characters, Hank included.
review 2: Come along with adorable little Hank as he opens up his dream world to share with his feathered friend and his readers. He invites you aboard his wonderful flying machine and takes you to magical places high above the clouds and below them too. His beloved friend is enthralled with the adventure and wants to know all the details of his enchanted tale. The images are beautifully crafted and portrayed in Rebecca Dudley's dioramas. She creates everything right down to the last leaf and expression on her handmade characters. You too will experience the magic and awe of a trip through Hank's imagination and the joy it brings when he shares it with you. A unique and gentle story, perfect for bedtime. less
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There are words! There shouldn't be words!
The Hank books are so sweet and adorable.
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