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Sinners And The Sea: The Untold Story Of Noah's Wife (2013)

by Rebecca Kanner(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
1451695233 (ISBN13: 9781451695236)
Howard Books
review 1: Rebecca Kanner started this book off by painting a picture of this little nameless girl. Born with a birthmark which everyone referred to as the devils mark, she is an outcast and to name her would be to draw attention. I think the mother in me felt protective of her and had me inhaling this book. I liked the authors writing style, at times it wasn't as smooth flowing, but not enough to take away from the story.This is a fictional account of the famous Noah and the Ark story. Taking place in Sorum, a place of utter depravity and violence, Noah wants to save the inhabitants, he gets himself a wife with the goal of sons to continue his legacy. A very engrossing story that was not at all how I pictured this time period. Beginning before he was commanded to build the ark ... morethis story was an interesting take on 'what could a happened'. Is it Bibically correct? I have my doubts. The Bible does not expound on what actually was happening on the earth to make Him want to destroy everyone, but it must have been something rather dreadful. Told from the POV of Noah's wife she gave fascinating side to Noah and their 3 sons.The cover is absolutely gorgeous and that is what drew me to this book in the first place, then I read the synopsis and was intrigued.This book will appeal to those that like storys told from the POV of lesser known individuals.
review 2: Noah marries a virtuous woman who has been shunned due to a birthmark on her forehead. She is a good wife and mother as she struggles to raise three sons in a place filled with sinners (prostitutes and murderers and thieves) When God tells Noah to build the ark, she stands by him despite the criticism. Life on the ark was not easy. She is another strong Old Testament woman. At the end, Noah's wife gets her most wanted wish: a name.I would have given this book 3 1/2 stars. less
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Easy to read and a compelling story, but a bit repetitive. The language felt forced at times.
Interesting story of Noah's wife. Not a particularly happy life, but interesting.
Don't waste your time reading this book.
loved it was read overnight lol
2.5 stars
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