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The Courting Campaign (2013)

by Regina Scott(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0373829760 (ISBN13: 9780373829767)
Love Inspired
The Master Matchmakers
review 1: Emma's hired as Alice's nanny and she makes it her mission to get Sir Nicholas to spend time with and appreciate his daughter, while the cook makes it her mission to hook up Emma and Nick. Funny, sweet, charming, though too often preachy. Nick was a little too intelligent - was he ever wrong? - but since that meant there were no stupid miscommunications, I'm game. I wish his intelligence hadn't been written to appear so spectrum-y. You can be brilliant without that.
review 2: The Courting Campaign was very nearly what I expected--no more, yet also no less. The novel is by no means a masterpiece--it is not written well, it is very predictable, and the emotions, reactions, thoughts, and speech of the characters could be over the top and bordering on ridiculous. H
... moreowever, it served its purpose as a light, warm-hearted afternoon read, with just enough excitement/surprises to keep the pages turning. less
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A neatly written story with hidden past-secrets.
2.5 stars. Like the stars say - it was OK.
Cute. Liked writing style.
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