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Franklin Asylum (2000)

by Rejean Giguere(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: With much regret, since I was so hopeful to love this one... DNF. I admit defeat... for now.I had a difficult time from the beginning as it did not ring very believable that a young man who just lost his family, would willingly look at an Asylum as the answer to help him adjust. Further, I had the impression that while choosing a location, he was carefully scrutinizing them online. Yet, he didn't seem to know anything about Franklin Asylum, merely showed up, signed his life and control away, without even a tour of the facility. His first walk through, on the way to his room, is a very disturbing walk through the part of the ward where the most violent, or deranged patients were housed...And apparently this ward section is in the front of the asylum... which didn't ring tr... moreue to me either. I had a hard time envisioning that set up to be realistic.As our character attempts to settle into the asylum, he, of course, meets and observes other patients with various mental issues. Some of them actually appear quite lucid, if a little quiet while others definitely are in the right type of facility, if not the right one in particular. Of course, some of the staff are painfully suspicious in their behaviour, and you have the deviant employee who loves to threaten the patients, even going as far as to enter this kid's room with cameras installed to threaten him with implied molestation, or even rape, from what I understood.Outside of the already mentioned issues that I had with the believability of the circumstances, I found that the plot was very disjointed and confusing. I really wanted to read this, so I am actually disappointed that I had to put this one down. In a perfect world, if I didn't have so many review commitments, I may have forced myself to go to the end. But I had to move on. I just could not get into it; and frankly I didn't really enjoy what I did read. Hate it when that happens... It is a possibility that I will pick this up again in the future, and try this read again. Maybe I am just not in the right mindset for this particular novel.*I received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the author; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.*
review 2: Franklin Asylum is a very gripping, suspensful thriller. Seen through the eyes of young Danny as he navigates Franklin Asylum. After tragicly losing his family, Danny checks himself in just needing to get a little time to recover. The only thing left to decide is, was that the right thing to do or was it the biggest mistake of his life? Franklin Asylum interesting group of characters that you meet along the wayFranklin Asylum is a book I thouroughly enjoied reading. I have read through twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time through. less
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A dark, suspenseful character study with plenty of twists and turns and the odd shot of humor.
Very interesting twist! I cannot say anymore without giving to much away just keep reading!!
Simply amazing. I loved the ending!
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