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Bride Wanted (2013)

by Renee Andrews(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
0373817126 (ISBN13: 9780373817122)
Love Inspired
Claremont, Alabama
review 1: Oh my goodness, "Bride Wanted" has left me absolutely speechless. It has been one of the best Love-Inspired novels that I've ever read. The story line was truly spectacular and quite original. The characters, especially Troy and Destiny, whom I fell immensely in love with, were phenomenal. "Bride Wanted" should be rated at least TEN stars in my book. It was a truly heartwarming and inspirational Christian romance that I will treasure near and dear to my heart forever. I'm so excited to read more from this series based in Claremont, Alabama.
review 2: Another trip to Claremont. Troy lee has been writing letters to his future wife since he was twelve. Now, fifteen years later, a few of the letters have found their way into the hands of a magazine owner who wants
... moreto publish them. But first she has to get his permission, so Destiny arrives in Claremont with that purpose in mind. Time passes and as she gets to know Troy and the people of the town, she changes her mind about printing the letters, because it turns out they were written to her. Well, until Troy finds out about her original intention. Then he decides maybe the bachelor life is for him.Visit Claremont and see how the problems that were created get solved. Enjoy a brief reunion with others from Claremont that we've met over the years. less
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this book was really enjoyable and i loved it. 4.5
Received 4 1/2 stars @ RT Book Reviews
very fun read!!
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