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Love Reunited (2012)

by Renee Andrews(Favorite Author)
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0373877749 (ISBN13: 9780373877744)
Love Inspired
Claremont, Alabama
review 1: "Love Reunited" by Renee Andrews is a book where the old saying, "You can't judge a book by the cover." certainly rings true.At first I felt anger towards Georgiana for I hate a hero/heroine to be so full of self pity just because of a little disability. A disability is only as disabling as a person allows, for there is almost always something the person can do to be happy and active. But then we get to know Georgiana and her life my anger quickly was redirected towards the correct character. For all that Georgiana went through, she is remarkably strong and determined. She knows what she would like to change, but uncertain if she can do it with some good reasons.Landon is a man of honor, unbelievable strength in holding desired actions in place, and one of the most car... moreing characters I have read in a while. Being in the Army (and wasn't made into something special or heroic) may have helped with what he faces with Georgiana , for he had a bit of understanding with some things when asked directly by her. I found it remarkable how he didn't give up only changed directions as needed.I found it interesting how the next book ties into this book more then the other prior books and can't wait to get started on "Heart of a Rancher". I also enjoyed seeing all the prior couples happy in their families and watching the kids growing up.
review 2: I enjoyed this book by Renee Andrews. Couldn't put it down. Liked that she brought characters from her other books into the story and am really looking forward to the next one. Landon and Georgiana were best friends until she chose to marry someone else. When they meet up again eight years later, a lot has happened to both of them, but some things never change and they are able to get that friendship back then move beyond. It's easy to hide from the world when things go wrong, but the joys experienced when you come out of hiding are so great. Georgiana had been beaten down verbally by her no ex-husband and it took a lot for her to crawl out of the hole he put her in. And even now when he sees her he is still making his digs. But Landon was a true hero and knew just how to help her get back on her feet. less
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I love this book. So romantic. I can't say too much, because then I would give the whole story away.
Great book!!! Heartwarming. Full of heartache, faith, trust, love and family!!!!
Category: Inspirational Romance
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