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Buddha In Brooklyn (2013)

by Richard C. Morais(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I’m so glad the movie “Hundred Foot Journey” led me to find other books by Richard Morais. Does culture shape religion or should religion adapt to a culture? When Seido Oda is sent to a Buddhist temple in Japan to begin his life as a priest, he finds himself adapting to the quiet, reflective lifestyle. He comes to see his temple environment as the Buddhaland where he is in the best environment to understand his faith. But as he ages, he becomes demanding and very conservative in his views. He is disappointed when he is assigned to open the new Brooklyn NY temple. He finds the American culture brash, unacceptable to practice his religion in. And yet, as he gets to know his neighbors and falls in love with a unorthodox free-spirited woman he finds that religion can ada... morept. His rigid religion begins to change and when offered the opportunity to go back to Japan, he ultimately decides to stay in Brooklyn.
review 2: Seida Oda is a boy in a mountain village in Japan who - somewhat against his will - at age 11 is sent to a Buddhist monastery to be trained as a priest. His life for the next 30 years is painting, and poetry and of course prayer, and he is not particularly socially adept and is a bit of an outsider among the monks. He is asked to leave this idyll and go to Brooklyn NY to oversee the Buddhist community and the building of their first NY temple. This is Richard Morais' second novel and lives up to my high expectations based on his first book The Hundred Foot Journey. less
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It took me a while, but by the end I loved it.
Loved the japan section, enjoyed the outcome.
A charming story, sweet and sad at times.
Not quite what I expected
Very descriptive writing.
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