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Amore, Cucina E Curry (2008)

by Richard C. Morais(Favorite Author)
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Neri Pozza
review 1: I liked it better than the movie. The author was able to describe the characters and setting in a unique way. Altho perhaps seeing the movie helped with picturing them too. The details were exceptional and I liked the way the story was told. The food descriptions and recipes were wonderful.At the end of the book, the author told how he happened to write the book--his contact peoplesounded fascinating. Nice holiday choice from Sally.
review 2: This is a story of a boy who's life starts in India and ends in France, with the boy becoming a celebrated chef. There are many characters, and it can be a little hard to keep them all defined and sorted, as not many of them are very fleshed out. And of course there is a lot of food, cooking and eating, but that doesn't o
... moreverwhelm the story. I found it to be a good read after a slow start. It's told in a narrative tone from the boy's perspective. The narration is full of detail, and the various settings are often described with beautiful words, making it easy to picture it. That added to the book's character for me. As stated earlier, there are some characters I wish were given more life in the book, but not having that information didn't detract from the story, but it did distract me when I had questions about who or why. If you didn't know, the book has been made into a movie, which is on DVD now. I finished the book and then watched the movie. As usual, the book is much better! The movie by itself is decent, but if you read the book first, the movie is hard to swallow. While the basic story, how this Indian boy becomes a chef of classic French cuisine, is the same, most of the details around it have been changed. The movie did stick with the imagery and colors described in the book, but almost everything else was different.All in all the book is worth reading, I found it enjoyable. The movie was beautifully shot, and has a great soundtrack if you're into that type of music, just keep in mind that it may not be enjoyable if you're expecting the book transformed to the big screen. less
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How am I going to finish reading this? Every page of food descriptions make me hungry??
I haven't seen it yet, but I'm thinking the movie will be better than the book.
i liked it. interesting interpersonal dynamics. impressive french cuisine.
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