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Cat Burglar Black (2009)

by Richard Sala(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 3
159643144X (ISBN13: 9781596431447)
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review 1: "Cat Burglar Black" is a crime graphic novel. It tells the story of an orphaned teenage girl nicknamed "K". As a young girl, K was raised in an orphanage. The orphan's matron was very greedy and raised the orphans to be thieves to steal things for her. Later, K is invited to attend the "Bellsong Academy", an academy for exceptional young ladies. At the school, K meets other girls who were having trouble 'fitting in' like her. Mrs. Turtledove, the headmistress of the school, asks the girls to steal some ancient paintings of great value to the school. Once again, K is asked to be a burglar. Throughout the story, K questions if the life of a burglar is the kind of life she wants to live.I enjoyed this book. I liked the iconic, colorful art style. I liked how the col... moreors became darker as the plot thickened and the climax approached.I liked K's reflection on her life throughout the story. From the beginning, she was hesitant to be a burglar for the matron, so it made sense that she would be reluctant for Mrs. Turtledove. I also liked how all the girls just wanted to be happy with their lives. They were all reluctant to working for Mrs. Turtledove. Many of them contemplate escaping. One of the girls K meets, Dory, thinks about her life and how she wants to just be content. She states, "I don't care how many shrinks or cops they get to poke at me or what they say my mother did. I'm doing just fine, thank you! Just fine!"Overall, I admired how the story was reflective as well as mysterious. I also liked the plot twist at the end of the story! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes crime or mystery novels.
review 2: This caught my eye while I was at the library waiting for my next class to start, so I just picked it up and read it right then. I like the illustrations, but I wish there were more details to shape the story. It felt rushed and packed together as if Sala wasn't given enough pages to write on. K, the main character, has SO much "baggage" that could have been developed, but a ton of things were left unsaid. less
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Quirky, fun, and suspenseful. It had a lot of promise, but I thought the end really feel flat.
I give a lot of books 3 stars, but this is a good 3 stars.
This had a weird creepy feel to it...
So good! I want more!!! Sequel ?
In dire need of a sequel
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