Our Dubious existence

Yes,our existence is questionable. But when asked to probe into reality, it always heads towards ramifications that would bust our sanity. The reality has been defined as the state of things as they actually exist. What is it backed up by? I would say, beliefs have been anchoring the reality as it is of now . Let’s rewind through the history and dig into some of the facts.

Primarily, it all started with profound imaginativeness. These diligent thoughts are metamorphosed into beliefs. The ancient folklore of heterogeneous cultures from Nordic to the Chinese emphasised that “a giant created the universe” in their own unconventional idiosyncrasies.
This was wildly stipulated on superstitions. At this point, religions came into play. Ever since,it has been sticking around like an adhesive.

Around sixth century BC, the intelligentsia had an outburst of permissiveness. The way Xenophanes, Anaximander and many others approached the formation of universe in the most radical ways and that made a difference though they were nowhere close to be accurate. They dropped the mythical and superstitious devices and yielded the scientific approach. Since then we’re ascending to the next step of our evolution. There are possibilities that we might even go extinct before the next stage.


There comes in these new age thinkers/philosophers with theories that baffle us. It is possible that we might be living in a simulation, maybe just like a game. This simulated reality might be created by the “post humans” when our advancements reaches a prime and when our civilization would have  been completely gone. They’d have the capacity and audacity to simulate every synapse of the human brain of the entire population.This theory also provides naturalistic analogies to traditional religious concepts, as the God might be some higher version of us, if we were living in a simulation. This mind bending theory by Nick bostrom has a twenty percent probability that we might be living in simulated reality. The wachowski brothers, Neo and the matrix pops up in our mind, doesn’t it?

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