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Vengeance Road (2009)

by Rick Mofina(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
0778326381 (ISBN13: 9780778326380)
Jack Gannon
review 1: Great book, roller-coaster of a read, action start to finish. A novel in the Jack Gannon series, although, this is the first one I have read. Now, I have to find his other novels. Jack Gannon is a reporter, who reports on a brutal murder and get's shafted by his boss when he reports on the chief suspect in the case. He decided to investigate the story on a freelance basic and soon discovers, this case is a tangled web of a seriously scarred family. Great story from a very talented writer.
review 2: Vengeance road is a suspenseful story.With plenty of twists and turns. Although this is a murder, suspense, fiction , story the crime wasn,t terribly graphic and descripitive. The story follows Jack Gannon a reporter for the Buffalo Sentinel. He lost his siter too? H
... moree is following the story of a murdered prostitute in a local park somehow a local police hero is implicated in the crime . As Gannon persues the police hero stories start to change and history comes to the forefront. Can Karl Styebeck escape his past? Will the murders continue? a very interesting story if you love crime novels and murder mysteries i highly recommend you rad this book. less
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Characters work, plot works so all in all a good read.
Not his best book, but still really really good!
Ooooooh good, Nicky must read this.......
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