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The Royals: Masters Of War (2014)

by Rob Williams(Favorite Author)
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1401250548 (ISBN13: 9781401250546)
review 1: The setting is a a near-alternate Earth, where "Divine Right of Kings" was instead "Divine Super-Powers of Kings." The royal families of Europe (and elsewhere) have powers, varied only insofar as the bloodline remains pure. But the age of revolutions meant the extermination of many of the royals, who have grown to hide their abilities and have vowed not to get involved in the Second World War, now raging across Europe. Until the younger prince of England decides he can't stand by any longer and sets events in motion that will change the war and the powers that be.It's a fantastic premise by Rob Williams, and Simon Coleby's art, especially the covers, are glorious. The story is gritty and twisted (and certainly not pro-royalist), but the ultimate payoff doesn't quite gel fo... morer me. Still, alt-history buffs will find it a lot of fun, and I suspect I'll reread it more than once.
review 2: An intriguing and page-turning alternate history of WWII that takes on the premise of Royalty having superpowers. The House of Windsor has been secretly convincing the nation that the King, born without powers had sired children who also lack any of their own powers. Here is the deception. All the royalty throughout the world has been in hiding since the events of the French Revolution, and then the mass murder of the Russian royal family. So the royalty is sitting idly by during WWII until Prince Henry of England, young and idealistic, can sit by no longer, gets involved and all hell breaks loose. Then comes a fantastic retelling of WWII, with the presence of the allied leaders: Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower mostly. The royals have superpowers such as strength, flying, laserbeam eyes, mind control and so on. It was a rush for me to read this and the ending was a big surprise, a double shock, and very satisfying. Once finished one can see that the author and illustrator have made some thoughtful commentary on war in general. less
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Enjoyable, great idea. Just felt that there was a lot here that could have been expanded upon
Interesting alternate world story. Nice art and plot. Recommended
I didn't care much for this one.
A rollicking good time.
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