Book Recommendation – The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

This isn’t poetry related, but I wanted to support a writer whose work I like.

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi Durrow

I saw Ms. Durrow read when I was visiting Los Angeles years ago, but only recently got around to buying this book. It was definitely worth the purchase.

This story resonated with me because I am also a biracial woman and I currently live in Oregon so the setting and premise for the book interested me right off to see how this author presented this story about coming of age and learning one’s place in the world.

I was not expecting the extra layers of mystery in this! I love how the story comes full circle and deals with so many aspects of growing up and the African American experience (especially in a place as predominantly caucasian as Portland, Oregon).

There are some nice twists to the story and even though the characters didn’t interact in the pairing that I had hoped (you know how you can want two characters to connect), but it was deeply satisfying, nonetheless.

If you are in the market for a new story to read, definitely get this book. It is available for sale on Amazon as either an ebook, Audible, CD, hardcover or paperback.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea

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