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Seed (2011)

by Rob Ziegler(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 5
1597803235 (ISBN13: 9781597803236)
Night Shade Books
review 1: Okay, but felt like it could have been better with a bit more development. Sort of a Mad-Max post-global warming dustbowl US with hardened men and women fighting to remain human but stay alive, kept alive only be a genetically engineered living city that is the only place really capable of growing food. Sort of depressing, but that fits the subject matter. There were 3 major storylines/viewpoints but to me 2 didn't quite click- the bad guys were weird but never as effective as they should have been given the power and influence they had at their disposal, the military types sort of do things at random without any real effect except getting their people killed--hey, here's an idea, next time lets use one of our really useful weapons/back-up plans BEFORE everyone in our army... more is dead (that whole storyline felt sort of ultimately unneeded), and the main characters have a sort of predictable ending, though I did enjoy the final scene.
review 2: Fascinating take on the ultimate effects of bioengineering and the dystopia it might help to create. You can kind of tell this is his first novel, in that the type of polish which emerges in experienced writers is, to some extent, lacking... but that rawness actually adds to the book's impact in its own way, giving the story character it would otherwise lack. The result is quite unique and compelling. less
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This book is a mess. Some great ideas, but iffy storytelling.
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