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Baby's First Book Of Seriously Fucked-up Shit (2011)

by Robert Devereaux(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
1936383500 (ISBN13: 9781936383504)
Deadite Press
review 1: This is a collection of short stories that are are all weird, and, as the title suggests, seriously fucked up. Stories vary from: two epitomes of sexual appeal fucking a town to dust, an prebirth fetal beauty pageant, a giant woman-devouring tongue, and other equally messed up, but entertaining stories. There is no decency or subtlety in this book, and it's awfully fun to see just how far it goes. There's a deep depravity within these pages that you won't find anywhere else.Don't get me wrong, though, this isn't just a book of senseless shocks. These stories do have some interesting characters and plots. The stories are all really short, but you'll certainly like the characters for that length of time.As with all Bizarro books, disregard any beliefs and realities, and be r... moreeady to go to whatever far-reaching places this book will take you.
review 2: Robert Devereaux is an author whose stories do not play by conventional norms. This book is a fine example of that. In this book you will find stories that range from 50's B-movie sci-fi to surreal psychological horror, to the just plain odd. The content in this book is quite graphic with scenes of sex and rampant violence throughout and may offend the most sensitive of readers. If you have a taste for the odd and nasty this book is for you. Happy Reading! less
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Robert Devereaux approaches some very messed up concepts with the words of a poet.
As suggested by the title, these stories are messed-up. Review to come soon.
review coming soon
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