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The Ways Of The World (2013)

by Robert Goddard(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
0593069730 (ISBN13: 9780593069738)
Bantam Press
The Wide World Trilogy
review 1: Brilliant, Robert Goddard's latest is easily his best book to date. The perfect tonic and just what the doctor ordered for my week in Anglesey in a tent.Set around the 1919 Paris peace conference the setting and period is very topical as we note the centenary of the first world war and the authors note informs us that Goddard has been faithful to the people, places and events of that conference. The tale revolves around the need to reveal the truth about Sir Henry Maxted's death from falling from the roof of a Paris apartment building. What was he doing up there? did he fall or was he pushed? Maxted's two sons, Ashley and James, have a very different view on finding out - the older (who inherits the title and the land) wants to accept the authorities view and move on while... more the younger takes the more reckless stance and digs around to find a truth - ruffling the feathers of various countries at the most highest levels with the sort of "warnings" that go with that. Can anyone be trusted? Is anyone telling the truth? Every time he us warned to let it lie and go home he digs deeper and gets into hotter water. Even his own mother leaves us wondering about the truth of the family line (Goddard has chosen his words very very carefully in the passage where James and his mother discuss the Maxted family lineage.Goddard has brought some great characters to life in this book and made me yearn for a return trip to Paris. He has also set up the possibility of a spin off series for his main character - James "Max" Maxted who provides so many possibilities.So why did Goddard have to finish with the words "To be Concluded"!
review 2: It started off well, a bit of a murder mystery set among the peace talks, complete with skulduggery and a beautiful lady with a sad past, and then it just sagged mercilessly. The main character even brought in his trusty sidekick to help out while he was recovering in hospital from a gunshot wound, but he did absolutely nothing useful. Then, having left a few story strands hanging, the story took a right angle as the author realised he could probably better provide closure in another book and the lead character made a completely retarded decision that nicely set up the plot for said second book. No idea where this is going as I won't be reading any more. Dull, meandering and a little bit pointless. less
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Excellent but pity got to wait for another in series.
Not my favourite Robert Goddard novel.
My Christmas present from Cato, 2014
Great start to this new trilogy!!
..."to be continued"......????
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