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Voltooid Verleden (2012)

by Robert Goddard(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
902454999X (ISBN13: 9789024549993)
review 1: I found this book a thoroughly engrossing read. I took it with me when I was out of town for five days, thinking, given its 500-page length, that it would last me for the entire trip; however, it engaged me so much that I finished it in two days. The story begins when the president of a company that has a monopoly in the china clay industry calls on an employee who is nearing retirement to investigate a series of missing files. The employee is Jonathan Kellaway, who has a long history with the president’s family. From there, the story moves back and forth between the present and the late sixties when the hero first met Oliver Foster, the president’s teenage stepson who was trying to find the reason for his father’s death. As in all Goddard’s books, there are many... more twists and turns, but in spite of the complex trail that the hero has to follow, the plot unfolds seamlessly and credibly right to the end.
review 2: If you like a twisting,turning plot with suspense that goes until the last page, then Robert Goddard should be on your To Read list. I have read all of his many novels and this is his latest: each has a tightly woven plot with so many blind turns you might get dizzy, interesting, realistic situations, characters who are out of their league in some bizarre scenario that keeps you turning the pages. This book is about an unsolved suicide/murder and the repercussions of ambition, love, time and greed. From Capri to the Cornish clay pits this story is what fun fiction is all about: escape and life lessons. Wait until you see what young goddess Vivien is like in her 60s and how our hero looks back on his reckless youth. A great read@ less
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Not a fast pace, but interesting! Love the Cornwall and plymouth references.
Another great read from Robert Goddard with plenty of twists and turns.
Not the best but certainly kept my interest. Goddard is always good.
i loved it. would read it again
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