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Life Drawing (2014)

by Robin Black(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
1400068568 (ISBN13: 9781400068562)
Random House
review 1: This is beautifully written, and with characters I found thoroughly engaging. It was my introduction to Black, and now I look forward to finding her story collection. She seems to write with something like the same power her protagonist Gus paints--with an extremely precise eye for the kind of details that bring the inanimate to "life"--except the author doesn't have the same hangups about inserting people into the scene. Despite the novel's opening lines, the ending caught me by surprise, sending me back to the beginning, and I take that as a really good sign of the power of the narrative.
review 2: Library Request. Let me start by saying I almost made the bad decision to overlook this book. I truly was not interested, I'm not sure if it was the synopsis tha
... moret changed my mind, but I know the artwork of the cover had me turned away. All I can say now is thank god I had changed my mind and started reading this book. It was fantastic, such a true to life emotional love story. Of coming back together after a betrayal of monumental circumstances, it was truly written beautifully to make you feel all the turmoil, and unspoken guilt of trying to mend each other. I highly recommend, throughly enjoyed the unassuming read. less
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Well-written but with a sucker punch ending you could see coming chapters before it happened.
Technically well written, very sober book, but the characters seemed a little flat.
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