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Praying For Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart For His (2011)

by Robin Jones Gunn(Favorite Author)
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1601423489 (ISBN13: 9781601423481)
Multnomah Books
review 1: Clearly written for an audience of high school and early college young women. Yet, despite the fact that I'm well beyond both I found some useful insight, scripture and guidance about praying for a spouse. I had a couple theological problems with this book - the biggest being the idea that a spouse would "complete" me rather than simply "compliment" me. I think the idea of "completion" being found in any human being (or for that matter object, or career, or idea, etc.) is both dangerous and unbiblical. That would be my biggest knock against the book though. Overall, useful and I appreciated that it included prayers for the young woman as well - so it wasn't just treating God like a genie in a lamp.
review 2: I loved this book it lead to some very interesting an
... mored good insight. Some of the things that they were saying that you should pray about or ask for were things that had never occurred to me before. It was very biblically based. I got a lot out of the questions at the end of all the chapters and they really helped me think of think of things differently. The only downside in opinion was that I wish they wouldn't have saved purity till the last chapter and had made it a little more prominent. less
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Loved praying for my future husband. Just gave me soo much hope for the future!!!
A great investment even before it comes, starts the pray from NOW!
wow this is such a good book.I think every women should read it.
see my full review coming soon!
Simple but effective truth.
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