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Falls Chance Ranch (2000)

by Rolf(Favorite Author)
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Falls Chance Ranch
review 1: Therapy, western and bdsm - well, I thought there would be hot cowboys, nice action and some romance, but I was disappointed. So disappointed in fact, that I couldn't even finish this story. I don't know why a emotional vulnerable man, some cowobys who think they are the parents and no sex (not even a little bit sexual tension) gets everyone so exited. It bored me. But moreover: it left me with a bad feeling in the gut, because those *punishment* scenes lacked reasoning. If someone -old and intelligent enough to know what he's doing- doesn't stick to the rules, well, the last thing that would come to my mind is punishing him with a paddle -especially not, if this person is suffering from a meltdown or whatever. I don't see the sense in this book. No sense at all. And it w... moreasn't even entertaining. Very disappointing.
review 2: When I first found MM, I stumbled into the BDSM genre and quickly decided it wasn't for me. Too often its depiction seemed clumsily rendered, missing the nuance of trust and hope and passion that those relationships surely must have to be successful. I got bored, unless there were comedic elements or evidence of real heart (hence my secret love for all things Sean Michael), so I stopped reading them. Now, if I see D/s in blurbs, I generally avoid them, unless it's by an author who clearly puts in the research spadework. This book is a wonderful alternative to the usual kind of spank!fic. It addresses another part of the power-exchange spectrum that I really appreciated wallowing in for a while. Written with no little emotional intelligence, I could not put this book down. Excellent.+1 for being free.+100 for horses.**Awards all the stars** less
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Very enjoyable book with very engaging characters.
Very long and enjoyable. Felt very real.
I think I'll mark this DNF today.
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